Crop Scouting - quick and simple method of locating irregularities and treatment areas, reduce variability and solve problems fast.

Soil Mapping - map existing soil conditions and link relationships between crop success and issues.

Irrigation - aerial and thermal imagery to detect inefficiencies in irrigation, leaks, and/or overwatering and achieve optimization.

Drainage Repair - elevation and aerial data depict the relationship of elevation across your field to understand drainage patterns and increase consistency in even drainage.

Yield Optimization - real-time aerial, thermal, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and elevation products allow for quick adjustments and crop maximization 

Yield Projections - forecast future yields using real-time drone products

Nitrogen Application - identify deficiencies and establish priority treatment areas

Emergence/Count - quickly identify areas that require replanting

Equipment - evaluate issues and determine equipment success related to planting, drainage design, and pesticides.

Pests - analyze aerial and NDVI data and determine if pest issues exists and establish priority treatment areas